Sunday, June 03, 2012

We are Losing Our Liberties and Becoming a Government Run Corporate State

READ "The Immorality of Obamanomics" and you'll learn a lot about why we are no longer a free republic...but rather slaves to the state and favored corporate groups.  Read below and click on the title for the rest of the article by Austin Hill at

"I only care about moral issues."

If I’ve heard that phrase once, then I’ve heard it a few hundred times. It’s a common response among
social conservatives during campaigns and election cycles.
And this year, as Washington compromises our nation’s future with profligate spending and economic
turmoil threatens nations abroad, we need to add to that category called “moral issues.” It’s time to
recognize that economic policy matters are, themselves, moral concerns, and America is currently on
a very immoral economic path.  As a writer and talk show host I covered the last presidential election cycle in detail. Hosting daily talk radio in Washington, DC in 2008, it would become apparent when I was speaking with a socially conservative caller to my show - such callers would frequently express concerns over a specific set of issues. “I don’t think McCain is really pro-life” was a common concern. And “Obama says he opposes gay marriage, but I don’t believe him” was another.

To these types of statements about abortion and the definition of marriage, I would often respond with
questions about economics, just to see where the discussion would go. “But what do you think of
Senator Obama’s plan to raise taxes on rich people – is that a good idea?” I might ask. Or “Do you
think John McCain is right about the stock market crash when he says that it’s all because of ‘greed
on Wall Street?’”
Generally speaking, my economic questions would bring these brief talk show conversations to an
abrupt end. “I only care about the moral issues” was the response I’d usually hear – as though
economic issues are morally neutral or of no moral significance at all – and then the caller would say
That was in 2008. Today, all Americans – social conservatives included - need to be resolute, and
recognize that our government’s disposition towards private enterprise and wealth must change.
Simply allowing politicians to control more of our economic resources is a formula for more trouble,
and more trouble lies ahead if our current President – and his ideology – remain in power.
Given what has happened over the course of the Obama presidency thus far, it should be apparent
that America is now in the midst of an economic policy revolution. Both by legislation from the
Congress, and by executive orders from the White House, President Obama has in less than three
years emerged as a de facto CEO over huge chunks of our economy.