Saturday, May 31, 2008

When Will We Demand Government To Stop Spending Binge?

When will we rise up and demand that our government live within it's means and stop spending on pork barrel stuff that has nothing to do with the original mandate of government which is to protect us against internal crime and external enemies? Why are these people taking from one group of citizens and distributing to other groups in a never ending game of Russian roulette?

1. Congress approved a $300 billion farm bill - subsidies at a time farmers are doing very well. Two thirds of this money goes to the top 10% richest farmers producing corn, cotton, wheat, rice and sugar. Because of the elections in November both parties are vying for first place for the party that can give away the most money from taxpayers. Pelosi is fighting "big corporate greed" but yet hands over billions to rich farmers! Where's the sense in that except that it's an election year.

2. There is a hiring binge going on in our sweet land and it ain't in the private sector which in fact has seen a loss of 286,000 jobs. Nope, the public Sector is the one on a hiring binge with a total of 77,000 new government workers on the payroll - which breaks down to : 14,000 hired in the Federal level, 16,000 hired at the state level and New York City alone has hired 14,000 new teachers. Government bloating continues and continues with no end in sight..

3. Talking about teachers...An analysis of some National survey data on what US citizens think are the costs of our public education finds that Americans underestimate what we shell out for this depressingly abysmal public education that we have. For example, teacher salary is underestimated by $14,000/yr and Americans think we spend $4,200/pupil but it's really more than $10,000/pupil a year! That's TEN THOUSAND dollars a year for each child being spent on education! I can send my kid to a private school for less and get a better educated child at the end. (Watch video WSJ).

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