Friday, January 09, 2009

A Letter To My Congressman Regarding Our Defense

Everyone should be writing their representative. This is an outrage to have a naive head of the CIA as the wall separating us from terrorists. Here is our letter which was sent today.

Honorable Mr. Upton:

We are writing about our concern with Mr. Obama's choice for head of the CIA. It is beyond comprehension how Leon Panetta could have been chosen for this MOST important job. According to my reading he has no experience - NONE and does not even apparently know how the CIA works. How can he learn on the job as some defenders are saying, when we need protection 24/7 against all the terrorists planning their deeds out there?

This smacks of irresponsibility on the part of Mr. Obama and the fact is that his primary and, really only job is to protect America and its citizens from attacks! Where is it in the constitution that a President's job is to bail out businesses? But that seems to be Obama's priority and NOT the defense of this country. We are stunned.

The Kalamazoo Objectivist

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