Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Leftist Gang of South America and the Death by Starvation of Cuban Orlando Zapata Tamayo

The first part of this video with Mary Anatasia O'Grady shows exactly what kind of leaders we have today. The face of perfidy of the moment is Felipe Calderon, Mexico's President. Mexico recently hosted the Rio Summit where Castro was invited. Felipe Calderon although right of center, cozied up to the Castro Brothers, (you know, the ones that have murdered thousands of Cuban dissidents in the past 50 years) in order to be included in lucrative oil development contracts off the shores of Cuba. Guess who was not invited to the party? The President of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo. Why-because Honduras had ousted a leftist president last year.

The second part of O'Grady's report concerns our old friends the Castro brothers in that island prison called Cuba. A brave man, Orlando Zapata Tamayo died last week after 86 days in prison for daring to complain about the communist regime. He started a hunger strike and as he lay dying in his jail cell the Cuban thugs brought in an air conditioner to hurry up his death. Where is the Obama administration's outrage? All I've seen is the usual mealy mouthed utterances by our Secretary of State. WHEN WILL CUBA BE LIBERATED? The mighty United States has lived by this squeaky mouse for over 50 years and watched as it has murdered thousands of dissidents. Does America stand for freedom anymore? Will she ever speak out against injustice again? How little it would take to get rid of the Cuban thug regime! How much suffering has been dealt to a people for so long!

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