Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"A Republic If You Can Keep It"

In 1787 as the Constitutional Convention was closing, a woman asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government we would have with our new Constitution. Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

No one can deny that what occurred at that most famous of conventions was the birth of perhaps the most astounding idea in human history-truly the most radical in history.

And we were the inheritors of that idea. But have we "kept it"? That is the question of the moment and my assessment is that that is what we are fighting for today. Surely one must thank Obama for putting the stakes so high - for crystallizing that we as Americans have been derelict in our duty to preserve our republic as our Founding Fathers envisioned it: Small government and many liberties for the people.

It's time for each of us who love America to stand up and defend the idea of America - that is Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness with a government that is strictly circumscribed by the Constitution. Let's do it. It can be done - we just have to put our mind to the task of taking back our Republic.

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