Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Don't Recognize America Anymore - Do You?

As the Government payroll gets larger and larger and Obama is looking to add more people on the dole - I mean on the Union payrolls Americans have to sit down and take a good long look at what we are becoming. A reflection of socialist Europe. We must fight this cancer creeping through our society spreading ever faster as Washington is changing the meaning of our country. Read this excellent commentary by Bill Frezza, "Are the Greek Riots a Picture of Our Future?"

...Wake up America! How many million unionists are we expected to carry on our public payrolls? How long can we keep government employees on defined-benefit pension plans while the rest of us scramble to fund our 401(k)s ? How many more people are we going to drop from the income tax rolls as we lean on a smaller and smaller slice of citizens to carry an ever greater percentage of the load, leaving the rest free to vote for tax increases? How large a swath of our population can we pretend to keep supplied with newly manufactured economic rights like free healthcare as Social Security and Medicare careen toward insolvency? How much more do we think we can borrow from the Chinese to fund day-to-day government operations? How long do we think we can afford to police the world?

What the world's political leaders and those who elect them need most right now is a shocking example of the only possible outcome of trying to practice redistributive justice on a national or even global scale. Rescuing Greece is a mistake. What they deserve is a good hard dose of exactly what they are asking for - unvarnished socialism.

Throw Greece out of the European Union. Let them default on their debts. Teach buyers to beware before they invest in sovereign bonds. Dare Greece to print Drachmas by the wheelbarrow. Put the whole country on the public payroll then challenge them to demonstrate what a truly egalitarian society looks like. Maybe a dramatic spectacle of what a workers paradise looks like under the media's glare will teach us what's in store if we don't change our ways.

Democracy is broken. You can't mix Freedom and Free Lunch. One or the other has got to go.


Anonymous said...

America is not the same country I was brought up to believe in anymore. When I was a kid, we said the pledge of allegiance in school, and i was proud. When i served in the Marine Corps, i was proud. Now i am 43 years old and i am wondering, where is my great republic?
It seems like everyone is milking the system, not just illegal aliens, but people who were born and raised here. Our schools are indoctrinating our children to believe that the federal government will provide everything you need. People are making babies, often out of wedlock, and expecting the government to care of them. People are protesting against capitalism and putting down hard working Americans while they hold their hands out. I'm sick of it. I know people who get unemployment benefits, then work for cash under the table, I know people who lie to get disability benefits, I know people who lie to get social security benefits, nobody is honest anymore. My best friend who i have known for 25 years is a quadraplegic, and he recently learned that the state of California wants to cut his benefits, yet we give welfare to illegals? WTF?
If a white person criticizes anyone who isn't white, they are labled a racist. If you critize gay people for any reason, you are labled a homophobe. If you stand against socialism, you are labeled an imperialist. Chrisianity is ridiculed, yet islam is embraced. Who's bombing us and killing our troops, crazed Christians? Give me a break.
I could go on and on, but i need to get back to work know so i can pay my taxes to support all of the free loaders!

Sarita said...

I totally agree with all your comments. This is not the country I grew up in in the 50's and 60's.