Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Elections in Colombia Casts Not Only Chavez but Hopefully Obama Into Irrelevance

As America goes down the sewer of Socialism, Colombia has chosen capitalism by electing Mr. Santos President, a pro-capitalist and fighter of the FARC. But Colombia is surrounded by countries that are turning to freedom as well. Only the idiot Chavez is hell bent on turning Venezuela to the left and by definition poverty. As we speak he has seized around 80,000 tons of food and left it to rot. Why? Because that is what leftists do. They control power brute power and taking away the means of making a living from the people.

Democracy: After vowing war on Colombia if Juan Manuel Santos were elected president, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is singing soprano. Santos' big win Sunday is part of a wave of free market leaders sneaking up on him.

It was almost comical to see Venezuela's dictatorship put on its best manners and offer congratulations to Colombia's new conservative president, who won the election in a 69%-27% landslide.

...Truth is, Santos and his pro-free-market plans pose a threat to Chavez, whose socialist failures are mounting. His sudden sweet words signal a recognition that he is being outnumbered in a hemisphere he seeks to rule, amounting to an admission of defeat.

Venezuela in fact is now being encircled by nations that are electing responsible leaders who place their hopes for the future on free markets. Those markets will inevitably succeed and dominate the continent in coming years, leaving Chavez as irrelevant as Cuba in bringing prosperity and winning the hearts and minds of voters.

For Santos, that means supporting "the market as far as possible" and reliance on the state only "to the extent necessary."

That echoes what leaders up and down the Pacific coastline say, all of whom have shown a private-sector orientation. Sebastian Pinera of Chile, Alan Garcia of Peru, Ricardo Martinelli of Panama, Porfirio Lobo of Honduras, Felipe Calderon of Mexico and Stephen Harper of Canada have all acted on their free-market instincts and shown above-average economic growth as a result.

But Santos is probably most dangerous for Chavez, because Colombia's rags-to-riches success story is so dramatic — showing that any beat-up nation can drag itself out of misery through markets — and because Venezuela and Colombia are such close neighbors. Word gets out about how well things are going in Colombia and it spreads fast in Venezuela. Santos need never fire a shot at Venezuela to slay Chavez's revolution because the power of the markets will do it for him.
Santos as president now targets 6% growth rates for Colombia, single-digit unemployment, tax cuts, privatization, free trade and other market-oriented instruments that are known to work.

He's also planning something that is likely to give Chavez — and for that matter, President Obama, something to think about — a forging of a more assertive Pacific alliance with free-market Chile and Peru, as well as the nations of the Pacific Rim. Given Obama's dithering on free trade — and the fact that Canada on Tuesday, has just finalized its pact, and it's obvious Colombia is going to prosper with or without its friends or enemies.

Chavez knows he can't beat these growing numbers of free-market leaders in the hemisphere, nor the building success of their programs. He can only hunker down and pretend to play nice. But the reality is, they are casting him into irrelevance.

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