Saturday, February 05, 2011

Mr Obama: Remove Our Chains and Leave Us to Our Work

With the Middle East spinning out of control where is our President? With our economy going down the tubes where is our President loosening up restrictions on businesses, lower taxes and espousing freedom of trade? With our schools graduating dummies by the millions where is our President protecting America's future brain resources? While small businesses are closing at rates faster than you can snap your fingers where is our President removing the barriers to entrepreneurship? Where are you Mr. President? Loosen the chains that bind us and we will grow our economy....we will make it possible to create jobs.

Job creation is not what government does well. We all know that by now. Here's an article by Daniel Henninger at the Wall Street Journal- "A Presidency to Nowhere".

No president before Barack Obama has been so right and so wrong.

When in his State of the Union speech Mr. Obama said, "This is our generation's Sputnik moment," citing the emergence of global competition from the likes of China and India, he was right.

Minutes later he proposed to cover the country with high-speed rail and companies making solar shingles.

High-speed rail and solar shingles? If that's the president's idea of meeting our Sputnik moment, then Houston, we have a problem...

...For a while Tuesday night, it appeared Mr. Obama would replicate Bill Clinton's almost sci-fi ability to absorb his opposition's best ideas, such as welfare reform, and re-infuse them into the body politic as his own. But no. We got high-speed rail and solar shingles.

Barack Obama believes what he believes. The ideas he came in with are the ideas he will go out with, and nowhere in that speech was there a fully formed policy idea reflecting authentic belief in the private economy....

...Once past the Reagan moment, the Obama policy menu had three entrees: clean energy, education and infrastructure. This was lifted, almost verbatim, from the Obama budget message two months into his presidency: "Our budget will make long overdue investments in priorities—like clean energy, education, health care, and new infrastructure." He extolled "new jobs that pay well" such as "installing solar energy panels and wind turbines."

This isn't a vision. It's an obsession.

Sending the completed trade agreements with Colombia and Panama to Congress for ratification should have been a lay-up for a president seeking the center. That's not happening.

What's ahead? Mainly one thing: November 2012....(read at WSJ)

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