Monday, February 27, 2012

War is the Opposite of Peace and Growth

Thomas J. DiLorenzo over at The Ludwig von Mises Institute shows how war is antithetical to progress and wealth.  A warring nation DOES NOT grow!  Ron Paul has also been speaking for over 20 years about war and the terrible consequences of war on the economic life of a nation.  War brings inflation, stagnation, and poverty for all but mostly for the middle class.  It's time to follow a policy of friendship and commerce with all and NO entanglements.  Read DiLorenzo's essay below.

What You're Not Supposed to Know about War

Mises Daily: Friday, February 24, 2012 by o
It is a testament to the power of government propaganda that several generations of self-described conservatives have held as their core belief that war and militarism are consistent with limited, constitutional government. These conservatives think they are "defending freedom" by supporting every military adventure that the state concocts. They are not.
Even just, defensive wars inevitably empower the state far beyond anything any strict constructionist would approve of. Prowar conservatives, in other words, are walking contradictions. They may pay lip service to limited constitutional government, but their prowar positions belie their rhetoric.
"War is the health of the state," as Randolph Bourne said in his famous essay of that title. Statism, moreover, means central planning, heavy taxation, fascist or socialist economics, attacks on free speech and other civil liberties, and the suffocation and destruction of private enterprise. Classical liberals have always understood this, but conservatives never have. (Neoconservatives either don't understand it or don't care.)  READ HERE

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