Sunday, June 22, 2008

Newt Gingrich on How to Change Our Failed Education System

Mr. Gingrich's position is that our Public School System does not work and has not worked for decades. He says

"Our greatest strategic challenge we face is education and that education in that sense is a national security, national defense issue of the first order because if we don't fix education we will not be capable of competing with China and India.."

So if we are to compete in this global economy with China and India surging ahead with their highly educated young people then we must use a different formula for educating our own young. He has some very interesting and original ideas -

* reading skills of 17 year olds have declined in the past 25 years
*We are 25th among industrial cities in math skills among 29 other countries
*Detroit schools graduates 1 in 4 entering freshmen students on time
*We are 20th in graduating rates among industrial nations

"How can anyone look at this data and not say that we are in a crisis of the first order and unable to have a discussion about it? "

Listen to Mr. Gingrich and pay attention to his solutions. They are very thought provoking.

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