Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Blinkers Finally Come Off ---Thanks, Saudis

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have a decent piece at regarding oil and McCain/Obama. I found the first sentence below particularly inspiring in the sense that maybe this is what we needed from the Saudis an imaginary kick in the pants to force us to the realization that we are dependant on a bunch of backward, religious fanatic nations and have been for decades. Now maybe we can take the blinkers off and realize that without energy we have only one direction to move in and that's backwards to join them.

...The Saudis have made a fatal mistake in not forcing down the price of oil.

We could have gone for decades as their hostage, letting their control over our oil supplies choke us while enriching them. But they got greedy and let the price skyrocket. The sudden shock which has sent America reeling is just the stimulus we need for a massive movement away from imported oil and toward new types of cars.

The political will for major change in our energy policy is now here and those, like Obama, who don't get it need to rethink their positions. To quote FDR, “this great nation calls for action and action now” on the energy issue.

What has been a back-burner problem now has moved onto center stage and McCain has put himself in the forefront.

The Democratic ambivalence stems from liberal concerns about climate change. The party basically doesn't believe in carbon-based energy and, therefore, opposes oil exploration.
That's why Obama pushes the windfall profits tax on oil companies — a step that tells them “you drill, you find oil, and we'll take away your profits.” But Americans have their priorities in order: more oil, more drilling and alternative energy sources, flex-fuel cars, plug-in vehicles and nuclear power. READ

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