Thursday, April 09, 2009

Michigan is One of Those Robber States That Will INCREASE TAXES On its Citizens

Gee! We have such creative politicians in Lansing.
Look! See the politician think.
See him come up with new ways of robbing Michiganders of the little bit of money they have left after paying all the national taxes, current state taxes, county taxes and city taxes, property taxes, cigarette taxes, land taxes, etc.
Here is a new list of idiotic taxes these people have come up with to steal our money:

High school sports
Bottled water
Vending machine items
Vacant houses
Property transfers
Abandoned vehicles
Septic systems
Court filings

In addition, they want to give expanded taxing authority to local governments and school boards and increase the gas tax by fifty cents a gallon.

You would think that would be enough. What more do they want? The governor wants to impose a graduated income tax. That would increase a middle class family’s income taxes by 50% or more. In addition, two democratic lawmakers would like to see your income tax increase by 25% for their pet project.

Get ready Michigan for a big migration to friendlier states just like people from California are leaving that robber state. (To see how the politicians of your state will rob you of more of your money go here.) Join your State's Tax Tea Party April 15th.

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