Saturday, June 20, 2009

Letter to Tim Phillips, President of Americans For Prosperity

I am interested in your work but don't know what your philosophy is and how you defend American values. The most important thing to defend are the philosophical underpinnings of America as our founding Fathers envisioned them and that is Individual Liberty: the right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of our own individual happiness.

All too common today is the call for sacrifice for the happiness of others. This is not America - America was founded on the freedom that each individual has, being an American, to pursue his own happiness. Agreeing with the government on the basics and only disagreeing on the side issues is NOT a defense of our American way of life.

The proper role of government is to defend us against our enemies and collect just enough taxes to run a small government not this behemoth that we the people have allowed to grow. The government today is involved in EVERY aspect of our lives. We have to ask permission of government officials for practically everything we do.

Is this the America of George Washington? Is this what he fought for and was willing to die for? Is this what Thomas Paine envisioned when he so eloquently declared "Give me Liberty or Give me Death!"

Is this what so many early American ragtag soldiers died for so that we the citizens now cow-tow to government minions who seem to fall over themselves fawning over the current President without so much as raising a peep over his totalitarian urges?

We must fight and defend the Grand Ideas of our country not the minutia - whether it's this type of government control of our healthcare or that type. THEY SHOULD NOT be in the healthcare business - or dictating to our Auto industry or "fixing" our banks - or telling us where to drill and what kind of energy we need or saving some minow fish in the west at the expense of farmers!

Our liberties have been draining away for the past 100 years. Obama is just cashing in on the ignorance and helplessness of Americans today. We don't know our history or understand the philosophy behind the stirring words and deeds of our Forefathers and therefore we cannot defend it properly. It's time and proper that we the people should change this stunning ignorance of what we should be defending.
Margaret Sanchez
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