Saturday, June 13, 2009

Throw The Bums Out

Sylvia Bokor has an written a very interesting article on how the liberals and conservatives of both the Republican and Democratic party are one and the same. Americans must wake up and realize that we are already a socialist lite with Obama we will become socialist heavy. If we value our liberties and our the American Way of Life let's throw these rotten politicians out of office and vote in only people who hold freedom of the individual as their highest value. Sylvia Bokor titles here article "America At A Crossroads". We certainly are there with this administration. We either choose government control over our lives or freedom. Which shall it be America? We need a George Washington now!

Today's political mix includes liberal and conservative Republicans, and liberal and conservative Democrats. The Republican and Democrat tags no longer accurately identify political doctrine. The designations liberal and conservative have also changed from their original meaning.

Today's liberalism is a perversion of Classical Liberalism, which stressed the essential goodness and rationality of man and his ability to recognize and solve problems, all of which led to systematic improvement in man's life, exemplified by the Enlightenment.

The corruption began in 1848. Karl Marx and Friedich Engels, ignoring the vast improvements the Enlightenment made possible, argued that the state should advance the welfare of individuals. Since the state has no income except by taxing those who produce, those who produce were sentenced to provide for those who did not, violating the rights of producers.The corruption spread in the 1930s when Roosevelt signed into law the minimum wage, progressive taxation, Social Security and established Fannie Mae to provide low-interest mortgages. Classical Liberalism was dead. Liberalism and the welfare state became one: Socialism.

Conservatism originally supported limited government and free enterprise. But it also held that political, social and religious institutions represented ageless wisdom and that the source of individual rights were "gifts from God," not man's nature. Rights, therefore, were considered privileges meted out in obedience to God.

The communist victory in Russia disarmed conservatives. They recognized that their own views did not contradict communism. Politically "You are your brother's keeper" was collectivism. Seeking to disassociate themselves from communism, conservative patriotism devolved into "my country right or wrong." By 2008, John McCain solidified this view explicitly with the campaign slogan "Country First," stressing duty and placing the group above the individual: nationalism...(Read the whole article here).


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most of America's voters have no spine! They re-elect the incumbent even when he or she is obviously advancing another agenda. You can't tell me any of Kilpatrick's constituents benefited from the Wall Street bailout.

Anonymous said...

Great site! I work with a grassroots faction within the GOP that recruits libertarian-minded candidates to run for office. Unfortunately, even after the GOP took a drubbing last year, they kept the same corrupt leadering in both the US House and Senate.


Dan Sheill
Republican Liberty Caucus