Friday, November 06, 2009

Is America Dying A Slow Death By Sacrifice?

Study the table on the left published at Investor's Business Daily today. I mean study it....United States leads in reserves of fossil fuel resources...Why is OUR GOVERNMENT prohibiting us from getting these reserves out of the ground? For the Polar Bear. For climate "change". For the polar Ice Caps. Anything is deserving of our sacrifice except man himself. What's killing America is the philosophy of sacrifice. Man must sacrifice for everything under the sun except he must never live for himself.

...As Palin jousts with Biden on energy independence, the government reports that we lead the world in energy reserves. From oil to gas to coal, we are sitting on prosperity. So why are we importing anything?

One of the interesting sidelights of the NY-23 race was an exchange on energy independence between Vice President Joe Biden and the former governor of energy-rich Alaska, Sarah Palin. Biden, who came in to campaign for Democrat Bill Owens, was reminded of the issue of energy…

Actually, it's not, according to a new report produced by the Congressional Research Service, hardly an outpost of the vast right-wing conspiracy or on the payroll of Big Oil. The report says that if all our energy resources are added up and converted to a barrels of oil equivalent (BOE), the U.S. has the largest reserves in the world.

According to the CRS, the U.S. has 1,321 billion barrels of oil (or barrels of oil equivalent for other sources of energy) if you combine its recoverable natural gas, oil and coal reserves. Russia is close behind with 1,248 billion barrels BOE. Other energy-producing nations, including many that export oil to the U.S., lag behind.

Of course, much of our world-leading reserves are off-limits by government edict. We recently commented on the federal government designation of 200,541 squares miles off the coast of Alaska as critical habitat for the abundant polar bear, effectively killing hopes to exploit the vast energy riches of the American Arctic. Read the rest at IBD

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Steve D said...

"or barrels of oil equivalent for other sources of energy"

A lot of this is coal I think. The U.S. has the most coal reserves of any country in the world. Definately these coal reserves are being used.

I agree with your larger point about living for yourself.