Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Church of the Global Warming Crusaders

The mountain of lies regarding the so called global warming is melting in a puddle of lies, deceits and raw data destruction by scientists devoted to this ideology. This global warming stuff is a religion with some and with others it was always about control of the people and money - and Al Gore and others got lots of it. Science is based on data and arriving at a truthful conclusion not made up lies. These scientists have dealt a blow to science by being deceitful in their attempt at trying to fit the data to their world view. It is a crime and a waste of our time, money and energy. Go home Al Gore - go home to your wife.

Joe Hicks of PJTV, a FORMER leftist, speaks of how even in the face of a mountain of evidence that man does not affect climate change the true believers will march on - proof that this is a religion NOT science.

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Steve D said...

“mountain of evidence that man does not affect climate change”

What evidence is that? In science proving a negative can be extremely difficult. I am not even sure how we could prove that man does not affect climate. The opposite, proving man does affect climate might be possible albeit still pretty difficult.

We should be careful about out terms here. Yes AGW has a religious aspect but that doesn’t make it a religion. It is in fact a scientific hypothesis which makes a lot of sense theoretically but which has only very weak and scattered data to support it. The pro AGW crowd are not guilty of inventing something out of nothing but of giving far more credence to the limited data than it deserves. (Al Gore of course is a certified nut case so he proves nothing and sending him home to his wife is really not being nice to her)

Proving the AGW hypothesis would be difficult. How do you rule out natural effects? Research on how and why climate changes is still in its infancy and this will take many years to resolve to any degree of confidence. My best guess here (and it is only a guess) is that increased carbon dioxide levels have not yet had any real effect on the climate due to factors causing negative feedback. There is a threshold of course, but I don’t think we are near it yet.

Actually, limited GW is without doubt a good thing for our species, although increased carbon dioxide will probably eventually cause other problems (e.g inhibition of respiration).

No matter. We have a way out. A method of producing massive amounts of energy safely, efficiently and pretty cheaply and causing no carbon emissions, so why worry?