Sunday, December 06, 2009

We Relive The Times Of Galileo-The Religion of Human Caused Climate Change Shuts Down Discourse

Just as religious authority tried to shut down Galileo and his support of the Heliocentric view which placed the sun at the center of the universe (for which he was denounced to the Roman Inquisition) so Climategate scientists are trying to shutdown truth and discussion about the so-called climate warming/cooling/change that they say is occurring today. This is not science but a religion, the religion of "climate change caused by humans" theory. Once again the truth is being shut down to promote a religion by barring free and open discourse about the evidence. Shame on these so called scientists giving science a bad name. It is time for all honest scientists to take a stand - THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT HUMANS ARE CAUSING ANY SIGNIFICANT CHANGE IN THE CLIMATE.

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