Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Lie: "Government's Denial of the Link between Islam and Terrorism"

Rob Tracinski at discusses the LIE that is our airport security. Because of political correctness we must not name the enemy. And that is exactly why we have not defeated the Islamic terrorists because we have become craven cowards unable to name whom we are fighting. Well the Israelis will have non of that....they know who the enemy is and they have used profiling for decades and NOT ONE - NOT ONE incident has occurred in their airport. To be victorious over an enemy one has to name them first and then can one see clearly what one has to do. Here is Tracinski, then the article at New York Post.
...The article below describes these measures as "security theater" meant to create the impression that the government is taking extraordinary measure to protect us, when it really isn't doing anything but harassing the law-abiding.

In fact, airline passengers themselves continue to be the only effective line of defense. They have to submit to taking their shoes off or having their groin groped—yet they are the ones who subdued the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber.

But the real purpose of all of this "security theater" is to support a lie. Its purpose is to support the government's denial of the link between Islam and terrorism by acting as if anyone might be a terrorist. The government is deliberately avoiding focusing its security screening on those who pose the greatest threat, because it doesn't want to admit that they are a threat.

This is another problem whose solution is very simple: stop lying to ourselves. If we were willing to recognize the source of terrorism and the identity of the enemy, we could adopt a system more like what the Israelis use, successfully, to prevent terrorist attacks on El Al flights—and believe me, if the Arabs could blow up Israeli planes, they would have done so long ago.

The center of this system is profiling, i.e., the use of intelligence gathering to target extra security screening at those who are actually most likely to pose a risk.
READ at TIA Daily.

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