Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama/Clinton/McCain: Leave Us Free to Think and Act

Pete Dupont at WSJ has a scary scenario if we should be saddled with an Obama Presidency. Voter Beware! Do we want stagnation, increased poverty, lower trade with our friends and neighbors, less purchasing power, no growth and therefore less jobs? I would be very careful for whom you cast your ballot. This November will be the most important election in recent history: Besides Obama being the most liberal senator: "Add the announced retirement of six Republican senators and 29 Republican House members (compared with just seven House Democrats) and the Democrats are likely to control both the House and the Senate with much bigger majorities than they do today."

"Four significant public policy changes are certain: the size, scope and spending of the federal government will substantially expand; income taxes will go up; protectionism will replace free trade; and a commitment to global internationalism will saddle America with a broad Kyoto global warming agreement that, according to the U.N. Climate Treaty Secretariat, should exempt China and India.

"Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have proposed increasing annual federal spending, respectively, by $226 billion and $303 billion – the Obama total being about a 10% increase. Neither of them as president would likely limit any spending – not entitlements, not earmarks, not farm subsidies."

" 'He is indeed a redistributionist,' said blogger and Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan after watching Mr. Obama's answer to a tax question in last week's presidential debate."

Is this what America wants? A redistributionist 'a la' Soviet Union? Vietnam? North Korea? We know what happened to the first two and the misery the North Koreans have to live under today!

Why don't our left leaning politicians ever learn the lesson that most Americans appear to have learned from history. Taking from the rich, increasing taxes, placing barriers to free trade by protectionist policies all lead to DEPRESSION as it did under Herbert Hoover (THE GREAT DEPRESSION-remember this?)

Now couple all of the above bad moves that an Obama (or Clinton) presidency would make with all the restrictions that would come about due to Global Warming regulations such as hindering our use of new coal and oil reserves and prohibiting the building of new coal and nuclear plants you have a recipe for self-inflicted poverty and backwardness.

There is only one solution to riding out the current downturn in our economy and that is to UNLEASH the power of private individuals, entrepreneurs - the thinkers and the doers - and allow them to do what they do best - create, build, solve, and bring into actuality a better world for all of us.

POLITICIANS - leave us free to think and act!

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