Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Obama Sells America to the Highest Bidder: The UN

We already know that Senator Obama is the most liberal senator in the US senate so are we surprised that this man has introduced the Global Poverty Act. Read Edward Cline's article at Capitalism Magazine if you want to get sick but also please write your reps and senators to oppose this piece of disgusting legislation which would hand us over to the likes of the United Nations. Also of note they are not putting this to a roll call vote but to anonymous voice vote and it's a bipartisan-sponsored bill!!!!! Why don't we just have a one party system like the Soviet Union was!! Please read Mr. Cline's article.

"Congress is proposing, in Barack Obama's Global Poverty Act (S.2433, based on H.R. 1302, passed by the House September 25, 2007), that Americans be delivered into a state of indentured servitude as laborers for the United Nations. Perhaps "indentured servitude" is too kind a term, for as horrendous a condition as it is, there is usually a time limit to such servitude.

"Slavery would be the more accurate term in this instance, for what Congress is considering is servitude by Americans in perpetuity, in exchange for nothing but the privilege of laboring to "save" the world without thanks or reward, of filling the alleged needs of others, of performing unlimited "community service" for the offense of merely existing.The not-so-peculiar and odd thing about H.R. 1302 was that it passed the House by voice vote. This is a stratagem adopted by legislators who fear that a bill is so outrageous that it is better that no record be kept of those who endorsed it. S.2433 was passed from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the same manner - by voice vote, without public hearings, to protect the identities of the guilty. It will probably be introduced to the Senate for a similar, anonymous voice vote -- by Harry Reid.

"There is a double irony in this behavior. First, S.2433 is a bipartisan-sponsored bill. This underscores the fact that there is no fundamental difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties. Second, it is a piece of legislation which, given the altruist, collectivist premises behind it, one would have thought its creators should have trumpeted boastfully. But it is being handled by corrupt, guilty, fearful sneaks who haven't the courage of their own malice."


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