Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Result of Appeasement Always Ends In Emboldening The Enemy

We now face a more dangerous emboldened enemy in the Middle East. They are not afraid of Obama because he has declared that he wants to be friends. Let's play patty cake- patty cake with the enemy and get them to like us. Flash news!!! Syria and Iran hate us and in order to be able to defend ourselves Obama must accept that fact. This is not La-la land this is life and death! Read below to see how this man has made our world a more dangerous place.

Syrian Reactions to Renewal of Dialogue with U.S.: Syria has No Intention of Changing Its Policy and will Continue to be Part of Resistance camp; It is the U.S. that Must Change Its Policy.

After the commencement of the U.S.-Syria dialogue, spokesmen of the Syrian regime and articles in the Syrian press expressed the following positions:

· Syria has no intention of changing its policy and will continue to be part of the resistance camp. The U.S. is the one that must change its policy by lifting the sanctions imposed on Syria, appointing an ambassador to Damascus, and launching a dialogue with the resistance forces.

· In starting a dialogue with Syria, the U.S. has capitulated to the resistance and acknowledged the importance of Syria and Iran.

· The advent of the Obama administration does not herald an improvement in the relations with Syria.

Following are excerpts from some of the statements and articles:

Assad's Political Advisor: "It is Time to Stop Telling Syria and Iran to Sever Their Relations with Hizbullah, Hamas, and the Other Resistance Organizations"

Most of the reports that have been published in the Syrian and Arab press to date indicate that Syria generally rejects the U.S. demands, and stresses that its policy has remained unchanged. In his meeting with Senator John Kerry, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad called on the U.S. to relinquish the policy of dictates that has proven to be ineffective, stating that dialogue is the only way to identify the real problems and formulate a comprehensive vision for resolving them. [12]

Assad's political and media advisor Buthaina Sha'ban said in a talk at London's Westminster University that improved relations with the U.S. would not be at the expense of Syria's relations with Iran, and added, "It is [also] time to stop telling Syria and Iran to sever their relations with Hizbullah, Hamas, and the other resistance organizations." [13] Knowledgeable sources in Damascus told the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mu'allem had told U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman that Syria is determined to maintain its tight relations with Iran, and that it is the West that had to change its policy towards Syria. [14]

Articles in the Arab press likewise expressed reservations about the preconditions presented by the U.S. for improving its relations with Syria. Responding to the demands conveyed by Senator Benjamin Cardin, the editor of the Syrian daily Al-Watan, Wadhah 'Abd Rabbou, wrote: "If the two [U.S.] delegations that are coming [to Syria, i.e., the Berman and Kerry delegations] … have the same positions and the same demands [as Cardin], maybe they should spare themselves the tiring trip to Damascus, since they obviously won't find anyone in Syria who will listen to the American dictates." 'Abd Rabbou added: "The Syrians are now waiting for a change in the policy of the U.S., not in the policy of Syria." ...

Article in a Syrian Government Daily: The U.S. Is the Enemy of All the Peoples on the Face of the Earth. (Read the rest here)

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