Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Phoney Baloney In Washington

This administration is the biggest phoney baloney we've ever had. They stand for nothing American. They have no American values whatsover and they are leading us down the road to serfdom. Read Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi's at impassioned article at FRONTIERS OF FREEDOM, decrying the destruction that Obama is bringing to America. We need to stand up and be counted NOW. Read "America's Dangerous Political Paralysis".

Destructive political idiocy is spreading like wildfire in Washington, D.C. Conversely, common sense is missing even – or perhaps especially – where it is needed most: in formulating new ideas, coherent policies, and workable strategies. Indeed, almost three decades after the utterly failed presidency of the former governor of Georgia, and nearly ten years after the politically lackluster performance of another democrat in the White House, Americans and foreigners alike are witnessing the spectacle of the rapidly advancing political suicide of another democrat president and his administration.

The financial mess rooted in the century-old desire of irresponsible representatives of the Democratic Party, anti-capitalist academics, incompetent media personalities and resentful bureaucrats in the United States to artificially engineer a “better world” in which the state must attend to every need of the citizenry, quickly mushroomed into a full-blown economic recession that by now has turned into a global political crisis. This idea of lifting all reasonable limits on the boundaries of the “quality of life” by political fiat has also infected the majority of republicans at the turn of the millennium. The bipartisan rush to income redistribution and social justice has brought the United States and the rest of the world on the verge of economic bankruptcy and political upheaval.

To add insult to injury, the new President of the United States, whose campaign promised change, and his colleagues in Europe and Asia are busy to protect their respective status quos. Meanwhile, the hitherto stable financial, business and economic institutions are disintegrating and the political-institutional frameworks of free societies are experiencing the most perilous decline in recent world history. Although they are in full denial, but the inevitable consequences of this chaotic situation must be steeply raised taxes, runaway inflation, more debts, increased protectionism, and unimaginable plight of the peoples in the developing world. In short, 2009 will challenge the future progress of mankind and reawaken the political and moral demons of the past.

Borrowing the title of Sir William Harcourt’s proclamation almost hundred years ago, Newsweek triumphantly declared on February 16, 2009: “We are all socialists now.” In dealing with the domestic crisis, President Obama and congressional democrats too appear to be guided by the already discredited socialist idea that the fundamental economic interests of the masses are continuously threatened by the existence of free markets and that only government can ensure that the “exploiters” do not hurt the majority’s rights to the constantly expanding entitlements. (Read the entire article here).

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