Monday, September 21, 2009

Ask Yourself - Why is Obama Demanding Zelaya's Return to The Presidency of Honduras?

Obama is demanding the return of the leftist thug Zelaya to the Presidency in Honduras. He was ousted, lawfully, by their supreme court for violations of their constitution. The Honduran court had followed the rule of law in their deliberation and decision yet our administration has taken the position to support a dictator and not freedom. What's up with that? Just another sign of who got into the presidency of the United States. Too many signs are adding up to a power-luster on the left. That smells of big trouble for our own cherished institutions and constitution. Mary Anastasia O'Grady analyzes the Honduran situation at The Wall Street Journal.

...Thousands of readers have written to me asking how all this can happen in the U.S., where democratic principles have been recognized since the nation's founding. Many readers have written that they are "ashamed" of the U.S. and have asked, in effect, "How can I help Honduras?" A more pertinent question may turn out to be, how can they help their own country?

In its actions toward Honduras, the Obama administration is demonstrating contempt for the fundamentals of democracy. Legal scholars are clear on this. "Judicial independence is a central component of any democracy and is crucial to separation of powers, the rule of law and human rights," writes Ahron Barak, the former president of the Supreme Court of Israel and a prominent legal scholar, in his compelling 2006 book, "The Judge in a Democracy."

"The purpose of the separation of powers is to strengthen freedom and prevent the concentration of power in the hands of one government actor in a manner likely to harm the freedom of the individual," Mr. Barak explains—almost as if he is writing about Honduras.
He also warns prophetically about the Chávez style of democracy that has destroyed Venezuela and that Hondurans say they were trying to avoid in their own country. "Democracy is entitled to defend itself from those who seek to use it in order to destroy its very existence," he writes. Americans ought to ask themselves why the Obama administration doesn't seem to agree. READ AT WSJ.


rental said...

I want to say to Zelaya welcome back ,i hope you can start your politics with new hope and exuberance.

susan banks said...

just let's work towards freedom in this county so that their people can stay there or go back to their homeland...this would make them happy.