Monday, September 28, 2009

A Nuclear Iran Appears to be a Certainty and All We Have is a Weak President

Bush did nothing to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions - Obama, an very weak leader, most certainly will not do anything except go around giving mealy mouth speeches while Rome burns. Obama is the wrong leader at a most dangerous time in the worlds history. A nuclear Iran run by crazed leaders with visions of extermination in their fried brains is here and we knew this was coming for at least a decade. Now we will all pay and pay dearly for not showing bravery and determination to rid the world of the's the Nazi story all over again but this time with nuclear bombs.

Eliot A. Cohen at WSJ has an article that's worth reading if you have the stomach.

... And if President Obama does not have the courage to accept hazards and ugly surprises, and if he cannot bring himself to deploy his rhetorical skills to the mobilization of opinion at home and abroad, he should not start a shooting war, even if the Iranians are already waging one against us.

That leaves living with an Iranian bomb. But this too has enormous hazards. It will engender—it has already quietly engendered—a nuclear arms race in the region. It will embolden the Iranian regime to make much more lethal mischief than it has even now. In a region that respects strength, it will enhance, not diminish, Iranian prestige. And it may yield the first nuclear attack since 1945 some time down the road.

At the heart of the problem is not simply the nuclear program. It is the Iranian regime, a regime that has, since 1979, relentlessly waged war against the U.S. and its allies. From Buenos Aires to Herat, from Beirut to Cairo, from Baghdad to, now, Caracas, Iranian agents have done their best to disrupt and kill. Iran is militarily weak, but it is masterful at subversive war, and at the kind of high-tech guerrilla, roadside-bomb and rocket fight that Hezbollah conducted in 2006. American military cemeteries contain the bodies of hundreds, maybe thousands, of American servicemen and servicewomen slain by Iranian technology, Iranian tactics, and in some cases, Iranian operatives.

The brutality without is more than matched by the brutality within—the rape, torture and summary execution of civilians by the tens of thousands, down, quite literally, to the present day. This is a corrupt, fanatical, ruthless and unprincipled regime—unpopular, to be sure, but willing to do whatever it takes to stay in power. With such a regime, no real negotiation, based on understandings of mutual interest and respect for undertakings is possible. READ AT WSJ.

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