Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama's Health Care Speech-"Nothing but Discredited Myths Recycled As The Truth"

Obama's latest Health care reform speech was nothing more than a rehash of old ideas that do not work. He is NOT an innovator - just a statist, a believer in old propaganda mythology. The worst myth is that a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington can solve problems that belong in the market place of a free enterprise system...and our system is called CAPITALISM - you know the one where millions of individual people make decisions based on thousands of different data points. Good ideas results in rewards; bad ideas results in rethinking and rebooting. Government is composed of people who do not have their money staked to their schemes and ideas so what do they care if it fails and millions of us suffer the consequences?

Reform: Millions of Americans finally got to hear the Democrats' pitch on health care reform, made by their top salesman. But they heard nothing new — just a lot of discredited myths recycled as the truth.

For the record, we support improving our health care system. As is, it has too many rules, too much government spending and too few market forces to keep costs low and quality high.
We spend north of $2 trillion every year on health care — 17% of our GDP, the most of any wealthy nation. If that sounds like a lot, remember this: An estimated 47% of that already is spent by the government. And government's share will grow even without "reform."

Look closely at the plans so far to emerge from Congress. What the Democrats have proposed, in essence, is a government takeover of nearly one-fifth of our nation's economy. When brought up in Congress, this idea has been rejected repeatedly. Yet, somehow, the idea never dies.

That's why the president's speech Wednesday night was a big disappointment.

Rather than a breakthrough that would remove government's stranglehold on a once-healthy market and move us toward true reform, we heard a lot of old bromides and myths — things we just can't let go uncorrected. Too much is at stake.

So following are 15 of the biggest misconceptions — and there are many more, we assure you — that we found in the speech: (READ AT IBD)

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