Friday, January 01, 2010

Obama's Utopia Will Spend Us Into Chains and Then Into Oblivion

Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi writing at Frontiers of Freedom ( shows us how Obama is just another power luster in the mold of the Marxist-Leninist worldview. They somehow know better than anyone else how to run an economy and how people should live and what they should think and do with their lives. Obama is indeed a small man with small ideas that have been tried and found to have failed utterly and with devastating consequences to ordinary people trying to live their lives with meaning. Obviously, 50 million dead from starvation or in the gulags of Soviet Russia, another 30-40 million dead in the Nazi Germany's concentration camps and untold millions dead in China from madman Mao is not enough for men with the minds of thugs. To rid ourselves of these types good people who believe in man's right to his freedom of both mind and body need to stand up at every outrage and make their voices heard. We are in an outrage now...with Obama spending us into oblivion. Read Dr. Radvany's words below. He lived through this socialism in Hungary - he knows what it is that we have here in America and where it will lead us.

The first decade of the United States’ political history in the 21st century will, when written, furnish the most striking and convincing proof of the great Western civilization’s decreasing sense of identity against the onslaught of a small minority’s tenaciously egotistical obsession with elitist purity, boundless hatred for universal freedom, ruthless opposition to popular sovereignty, and a destructive sense of social justice.

...What really matters is the Marxist-Leninist worldview that mandates total control over both ideas and actions by the absolute power of an enlightened few, including the entire world, together with every human being in it. The two false buzzwords in this circle of anti-Western fanatics are “progress” and “collectivism”. Their definition of progress, known as historical determinism, is, in reality, historical revisionism that is based on tyrannical intolerance and visceral hatred toward humanity. Similarly, the true meaning of collectivism is not the voluntary participation of the majority in the democratic process, but the creation of a welfare state through the perverted application of the democratic principles...

... Brushing aside arrogantly the obvious fact that economies controlled by vast government bureaucracies unfailingly met inglorious ends at every country in the past, the Obama administration has proceeded from day one to build up a monster government outside the constitutional framework of the American Republic.

Borrowing from Jean Paul Marat of the French Revolution, whose newspaper proudly displayed the motto of the most extremist revolutionaries “Let us tax the rich and subsidize the poor”, the democrats dominated White House and Congress have already initiated and passed legislation aimed at enforcing economic equality, destroying existing financial incentives, competition, profit and individualism in an essentially free market economy. With incompetent levity President Obama and his comrades continue to proceed on their misguided experiment, like all the destructive utopians of the world in the 19th and 20th centuries before them. Irresponsible spending, punitive taxes and slow economic growth have already caused grave and perhaps irreparable damage to the United States and its traditionally vigorous free economy.
READ "Obama's Presidential House of Cards".

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