Sunday, January 03, 2010

"Let's Pretend" That The Terrorists Are Not Terrorists

This editorial is right on the money. Obama and his minions ARE pretending that terrorists are not terrorists but plain old criminals. And as these terrorists in countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen see after a year that our President is soft on crime they will mount ever more and more daring attacks on a weakened America. Mr. Obama wake up from your dreams of redistributive justice and do the job we elected you for - The PROTECTION OF AMERICA AND AMERICANS.

...The U.S. now holds a prisoner of war who has knowledge that could foil future terrorist operations. The Obama administration has a moral obligation to extract it from Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

The White House seems very big on the idea that fear is our enemy, not our friend. When sheer luck prevented the destruction of Northwest flight 253, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano instantaneously insisted there was no larger conspiracy involved — even though the failed bomber himself said otherwise.

And for nearly a year now it has been official U.S. policy, from the commander in chief on down, to eschew wartime terminology. Forget "global war on terror" and substitute "overseas contingency operations." Cut "terrorism," paste in "man-made disasters."

Quelling fears, however, isn't the real purpose behind the altering of the U.S. government's post-9/11 language. This is:

If the public stops believing the free world is in a protracted war with Islamofascist mass murderers, then the question of which party's anti-terrorism policy is better loses all meaning. You can't lose a non-war, any more than you can win one.

If Abdulmutallab is akin to the D.C. Sniper or the Son of Sam, then why turn him upside down in search of information? What's the point in placing another David Berkowitz in a cold jail cell, or depriving a John Allen Muhammad clone of sleep so he'll tell us what he knows?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney hit it on the head this week in charging that this administration is playing an inexcusable game of "Let's Pretend." If we close Guantanamo Bay and send terrorist POWs to some hamlet in Illinois, if we have ACLU-friendly judges try 9/11 conspirators in liberal New York City, then the American people will realize that the big-government sophisticates can take care of these problems.
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