Monday, January 11, 2010

These Groups Are Not Pro-Earth, They Just Hate Human Beings

If you donate money to the following groups you may want to really check them out. You actually are donating to the destruction of our way of life and your own destruction. Now if you're for a return to the Pleistocene then go ahead and donate but don't cry when we're reduced to living in caves and hovels eking out a living worse than that of any third world nation. My philosophy is to run the other way when someone starts spouting for "Mother earth". They invariably want humans to give up their way of life.

American Land Conservancy
Council on Environmental Quality
Earth Island Institute
Earth Share
Earth Trust
Earth Watch
Ecological Society of America
Environmental Council of the States
Environmental Defense
Environmental Law Institute
Friends of the Earth
Forest Action Network
Forests Forever
Greenpeace International
Izaak Walton League of American
Land Trust Institute
League of Conservation Voters
Leave No Trace
Montana Wilderness Association
National Arbor Day Foundation
National Association of Conservation Districts
National Audubon Society
Natural Areas Association
National Forest Conservation Association
Natural Resources Defense Council
The Nature Conservancy
Rocky Mountain Institute
Rocky Mountain Nature Association
Sierra Club
Student Conservation Association
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Nations ICLEI
United Nations IPCC
Wilderness Society
World Resources Institute

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