Thursday, October 16, 2008

Canadians Choose a Tax Cutter; America a Tax Raiser

While it looks like America is set to vote into office the most socialist, leftist President ever, (who has already promised to raise taxes) along with a majority Democratic House and Senate our neighbors to the north have tacked right. After criticizing Canada for years about their leftist politics Canadians can now laugh at the stupidity coming from down South. Read "Conservative Canada" (here).

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party coasted to an easy victory in national elections on Tuesday, winning 38% of the vote and 143 seats in parliament. Mr. Harper's closest competitor, Liberal Party leader St├ęphane Dion, managed only 26% of the popular vote for 76 seats.

Though he did not win the 155 seats he needed to secure a majority, Mr. Harper did pick up 16 new members of parliament, while the Liberals lost 19 seats. In other words, in a time of great economic uncertainty, Canadians by a large margin went with the tax cutter over the tax raiser. (Wall Street Journal)

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