Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama Talks Down Our Economy As He Grabs For More Power

Obama gets scarier and scarier as he shreds our Constitution bit by bit. I mean come on "czars" in America - land of the free and the brave???? Obama is a power-luster and he's very smart about it as he cons the people into believing he's doing all this for America. There's an interesting article by Rob Tracinski at TIA daily that develops this theme.

One of the disturbing aspects of Barack Obama's appointment of various "czars" to cover important issues is that this is an attempt to bypass the normal constitutional structure of the executive branch. The chief executive's primary officers are supposed to be the cabinet secretaries appointed with the "advice and consent" of the Senate, giving the legislature a small check on the president's power. Instead, Obama is shifting power to executive officials selected by and reporting solely to him.

Similarly, blogger Michelle Malkin reports below on a little noticed clause in the pseudo-stimulus bill that breaks down the separation of powers between state and federal governments in an attempt to force Republican governors of non-profligate states to spend federal stimulus money. It is a blatantly unconstitutional attempt by Congress to dictate the budgets and legislative process of the states.

Didn't Barack Obama promise to restore a greater respect for the Constitution?
But of course, we never should have believed that, because Obama is the man from ACORN—the organization of quasi-Leninist "community organizers" that specializes in using lawless thug tactics to agitate for socialism. The latest ACORN program?
Forcibly preventing foreclosures on borrowers who have stopped paying their mortgages.

Also read Carl Rove's article The Obama Whitehouse May be a Crowded Mess.

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