Thursday, February 12, 2009

America is Practicing Statism NOT Capitalism

  • “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” — Thomas Jefferson

Our Founding Fathers were an honest, frugal and smart group of men who laid the foundations for the vision that they hoped for America. I wonder what Thomas Jefferson would say if he were alive today and saw the enormous power grab of our politicians and our Presidents (I'm thinking of Mr. Bush and of course Mr. Obama).

Americans must ask themselves why is America plunging into statism (government control of the economy). The statist road of modern times was first paved in the early 20th century by Hitler, Mussolini and the Soviet Union. These regimes used paving stones made of the ethics of self-sacrifice. As these butchers asked for more and more sacrifice in the name of others, the country, the leader, the future - the deaths grew. Selfishness is bad they said; selflessness is good. Why? Why is sacrificing for others or for the planet or for your country considered the good? No one has ever given any answer to that question and Mr. Obama as well has never explained why we must hock the lives of our children and our grandchildren on the alter of what he envisions as sacrificing for the good of our economy for the good of America.

Why must we sacrifice? Why must the government print money out of thin air with nothing to back it up in order to "save" companies that he chooses, build bridges, schools etc. WHEN A POLITICIAN TELLS YOU TO FORE GO, GIVE UP, SACRIFICE, DENY YOURSELF, we should boot him out of office NOT applaud him.

What people need to do in order to live a productive and creative life is to be selfish. And it's a funny thing because every baby is born innately selfish. He is hungry and he cries for food. She is tired and sleeps regardless if you like it or not. He wants to play and learn things and asks a multitude of questions to satisfy his curiosity. She wants to have nice things and toys and later a nice house and a good job and will work hard to achieve a level of success that bring rewards and joy to her life. Why does a person do all this hard work, expend all the effort to grow and achieve? Because human beings are selfish which means concern with one's own interests. If we did not think and consider our "self" we would die. Every hour of every day one must survive by ones wits. And the best political system devised to let people live their lives to the best the their own ability is CAPITALISM.

This does not mean one tramples on others. That is for criminals or people not sure of their own abilities. A selfish person seeks good relationships with family, friends, co-workers because we want companionship, love and good-will. Politicians do not create, produce or DO anything except cause woe and mayhem and this is because they set themselves up as the GOD of the economy, of our children's education, and soon our medical needs. Why? Why do we think and they think they know more than the market place? Why?

When a politician asks for your sacrifice run the other direction and boot them out of office.

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