Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Hopeful Sign For More Democracy in Latin America

Thank goodness the U.S. allowed Hondurans to fix their own political problems because the Honduran supreme court was right. They removed from office a corrupt President Zelaya who was allowing traffickers to land in Honduras with their cargo loaded with drugs destined for the US. The supreme court held Zelaya accountable and accused him of not upholding the constitution and removed him from office paving the way for Micheletti to become President. PJTV has several great interviews with Micheletti explaining their constitution and how they followed the letter of the law. IBD opines that the Honduran democratic strength lights the path for leftist countries Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru to throw off their corrupt governments and start down the path of government by Constitution. This is a happy day for the Americas.

In a quiet victory for a tiny democracy, U.S. buttinskies have stopped trying to restore a dictator to power in South America. Tiny Honduras is winning its fight for freedom.

...The reality is, the Hondurans shouldn't be on the spot at all. What happened wasn't a coup; it was a good-faith effort by decent people to fix a difficult situation that threatened their democracy.

This, by the way, also opens the door to a return of democracy in troubled nations like Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela. People in those nations can take courage from Honduras.

The U.S. was smart to take the side of freedom. The Hondurans, however, were right all along. After all, it's their democracy. And now they've won it back. (READ at IBD) also watch

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