Monday, August 24, 2009

Most Government Run Things are Crap and We The People Have to Pay For It.

So in the end Americans are the dupes for politicians desire to control us in every way imaginable. Do you want a government hack looking over your records and telling the doctor what he can do and not do to keep you alive and healthy? Over at Richard E. Ralston writes:

George Orwell is alive and writing new fiction about Congress legislating expanded government control of health care. Or at least it seems that way.

A growing and ominous trend lately is the inversion of language to couch further government intervention in the name of liberating "reform."

…For instance, if you want to eliminate the secret ballot in union-organized elections and force workers to vote in clear sight of their employer and a union enforcer, call it "The Employee Freedom of Choice Act."

There are many more flagrant examples of doublethink in the debate on health care. And it becomes increasingly difficult to have a sane discussion when too many words are used as the opposite of their proper meaning. It can even confuse journalists.

President Obama has frequently reassured us that, if we are happy with our present insurance, there is no cause for alarm—our right to keep it will not be denied. Of course, it will no longer exist in a few years, so the right to keep it is pointless…

If you have an individual insurance policy, your right to keep it will be meaningless when it cannot compete with government insurance. Private insurers will be forced out of the game as the public plan draws unlimited credit from a government cashier playing with a stacked deck from a dealer who forces the other players to cover the government's bets. Yet this is the solution offered to head off the so-called "predatory" nature of a free market, in the name of promoting "healthy competition." (Read

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