Monday, August 17, 2009

With Politicians like Dodd and Kerry Defending Thugs Like Chavez and Zelaya - Who Needs Enemies?

Mary Anastasia is the only reporter I know of that does crucial and impeccable reporting on the Americas. Here she reports on US senators from the left like Kerry and Dodd who kowtow to tyrants like Chavez and Castro while shunning true freedom loving leaders to our south. It's a crying shame that these elected officials represent Americans. How do these Dodds and Kerrys get reelected over and over again? Oh...I forgot they bring home the bacon don't they....But can freedom-loving South Americans depend on United States political hacks to help them maintain their democratic form of government? The prognosis is gloomy indeed.

...As a U.S. senator, Mr. Kerry has the luxury of treating Latin America like his playground, as Democrats have done for decades, foisting on it ideas that Americans reject. Venezuelans still recall how Connecticut's Chris Dodd played the role of chief Chávez cheerleader in the Senate while the strongman was consolidating power.

But Mr. Obama is the president and commander in chief, and millions of people in this hemisphere are counting on the U.S. to stand up to Venezuelan aggression. Playing footsie under the table with Mr. Chávez on Honduras while the Venezuelan is threatening the peace isn't going to fly in a hemisphere that prefers liberty over tyranny.

Both Colombian and U.S. officials allege that the Venezuelan National Guard and high-ranking members of Mr. Chávez's government are in cahoots with criminal enterprises that run drugs in South America. The evidence suggests an alliance between the terrorist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)—the largest exporter of cocaine from that country—and members of Mr. Chávez's cabinet. There is also evidence in documents and video captured from the FARC that the rebels have influence at high levels of the Ecuadoran government.

The cocaine business is a big revenue raiser for the terrorist organization and for its business partners on the continent. This is why Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has agreed to allow U.S. drug-surveillance planes to use Colombian military bases.

In Quito, Mr. Chávez flew into a rage about that agreement. "The U.S. is the most warlike government in the world," he told his South American peers and Mr. Zelaya. "The Yankee military pays no mind to its president," he said, artfully exempting Barack Obama from blame. "In Colombia [the U.S. military] has immunity. They can rape women, they can kill and they can destroy in every direction. You can't do anything to them. It's horrible."...(Anti-American Amigos at WSJ).

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