Monday, August 31, 2009

With a "Republican" Like McCain Who Needs Enemies?

I just returned from vacation in America's beautiful west, in fact, near McCain's home state. I'm starting to believe that it's time McCain take a vacation from politics - a permanent one. This guy is loony and he just does not seem to understand the dire situation we are in economically thanks to Bush number 2 and now this committed socialist we have in the White House. For Mr. McCain, maybe it's time he enjoy his old age and settle down to live out the rest of his life in his mansions in Arizona and wherever else he has them and allow us poorer folk to fight the good fight without his incessant and foolish meddling during these very dangerous times as our country is forced to the extreme left. What we need are leaders that will put us back on track - the track that leads us back to our fabled Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Health Care: "First, do no harm" is never the maxim of Washington politicians. With a public uprising killing ObamaCare, Sen. John McCain wants "to sit down with the president" and resuscitate it.

There seems to be a disconnect in McCain's head, however, between getting good reforms and what he knows the Democrats will do as the majority...

The American people, already spooked at this year's government spending spree, are rightly scared to death at the costs of Obama-Care — another matter on which the administration has been deceptive. Tuesday, new numbers showed that the federal budget deficit will be far higher than expected — nearly $1.6 trillion for the year, amounting to more debt than since the aftermath of World War II.

After a $787 billion politicized stimulus package, and unemployment still headed to double digits, the people are letting their representatives know in person that enough is enough. And their voices are being heard. Even liberal Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., a strong proponent of government-managed reform, pronounced Obama-Care dead for the year before a large Wisconsin crowd last week.

...Key Democrats now admit that a popular uprising has succeeded in derailing the radical health care revolution that Democrats have in mind. Even left-wing politicians now see that Americans prefer standing pat to socialism. Why does Sen. McCain want to get us back on such a dangerous track? (Read at IBD)

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