Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Auditing the Federal Reserve!

The Federal Reserve of the United States has a 100 year history of being secretive about its activities. It has NEVER been audited. Yet it has been the major cause of our boom and bust cycles. Please read up on this important issue and sign the petition that this agency get AUDITED. There are 85,500 signers please add your name to this important petition.


Realist Theorist said...

As an Objectivist, I am against any increased legislative control over the FED. That is asking for us to go from very bad to still worse.

TH' DUMB OL' EAST TEXAS BOY (John L. Sulak) said...

Every single dollar of US taxpayer funds need to be audited. Without this, there can be no accountability or responsibility. It would be like hiring an employee and giving him a credit card, then telling him, that you do not care how much or what he uses it on. DISASTER!

Realist Theorist said...

John, All the talk about a Fed audit is not about procedures and control and real audit. It is simply a congressional grab for power. It is about whether Congress decides monetary policy or whether a Fed board does. If you think Congress would do a better job, then you'd be right to support such a policy. Many decades of history shows that Congress would be worse.