Sunday, October 04, 2009

Obama's Love For Incompetent Psychopaths

All the world's merry-go-round of dictators are dizzy with love for the Leader of the Free World. How can they not be beaming with radiant joy that finally they have an American President that understands their "raison d'etre" (reason for being).

Henninger at WSJ asks why aren't we supporting the groups seeking freedom and names all the "incompetent psychopaths - heads of state that Obama has shaken hands with. Here are the thugs whose hands Obama thought it very important to shake in countries he has either traveled to or met at the UN last month: Iran, Burma, Venezuela, Morales (Bolivia), Ortega (Nicaragua), Raul Castro (Cuba), Special envoy (Sudan and Syria), and Russia. It must be most disheartening for the supporters of freedom in each of these countries that our President did not even deign to meet with them as of yet. Why? is the only question one has to ask. Why indeed...

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