Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Sacred Idea Of Liberty - Are We Willing to Fight For It?

Over at PJTV Yaron Brook (Ayn Rand Institute) and Terry Jones ( discuss the behemoth Health Care Bill that our "patriots" over in Washington are trying to foist on us. Our government is setting up this bill to fail by allowing private insurance companies to operate alongside the government single payer option. As Mr. Brook points out that in 5 years when the private insurers can't compete with the government they will say "you see it failed" we have to have to go to a one payer system. Taxes will go sky high and we'll have Canadian style socialized Health Care as the leftists wanted. It's all a game the leftists are playing to turn us to socialism in every aspect of our lives (Cap and Trade is another means of controlling the way we live).

Socialism is GOVERNMENT Control of the means of production. We are Americans and we fought the mighty empire of Britain to wrest control for our own destiny. Will we now turn away like cowards and allow this desecration of what our Founding Fathers fought for and were willing to die for? This sacred and rare idea of liberty - are we willing to give it up and for what? For leftists who are after power and control. The greatest idea ever conceived - Liberty from the tyranny of government vs the mealy mouthed, wormy idea of centralized control over a people.

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