Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Need a Great Leader to Lead Against the Greatest Assault on our Constitution Ever

With Republicans like McCain, Snow and now Lindsey Graham who needs the Republicans? Mr. Graham is now moving ever more left as he kow tows to "The Anointed" and Pelosi. What we need is a Founding Fathers Party - and we all need to read the Constitution! Un-American activities are happening before our eyes and the only watchdog we have is Glen Beck and the rest of the Fox News folks. But our scrappy revolutionaries of 1776 won against great odds - but then they did that because of their great leader - George Washington. We need a great man now to lead us out of this mistake of gigantic proportions that we've committed this country to with the election of a rabid socialist.

Politics: Move over, John McCain and Olympia Snowe. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is fast becoming the Democrats' favorite Republican as he partners with John Kerry to push cap-and-trade through the Senate.

Earlier this year, eight Republican congressmen made it possible for Waxman-Markey, the 1,400-page job- and economy-killing cap-and-trade legislation, to barely pass the House of Representatives. At the time it seemed dead on arrival in the Senate if it was brought up there this year.

Once again, as with their medical plan, the Democrats seek to better the odds by putting a GOP hood ornament on a Democratic clunker. On cap-and-trade, Olympia Snowe's role will be played by Graham as he partners with Kerry to commit the U.S. to the flawed science and disastrous economics of climate change. READ AT IBD

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