Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mr. Gore Call Your Attorney - Your In Big Trouble For Making Billions From the Big Lie of Global Warming

Senator Inohoff from Oklahoma deserves much credit for sticking with this story about Climategate. He started investigating the allegations at least 10 years ago when no one was listening to him. He has been vindicated. Inohoff says that the United States pays 25% of the United Nations bill! Could that be possible? Deserves investigation in my opinion. Why are we funding this corrupt organization?

So we have the criminal conduct of James Hanson, a climate scientist with NASA. Penn State University Michael Mann's Hockey stick of warming has been debunked, then there are charges against Columbia University and of course there's East Anglia University in the UK where Phil Jones cooked his data.

The to top all this criminal conduct off? Al Gore may be called to testify before congress about his scaremongering movie which has been completely refuted. But he's a billionaire. He should donate all the money to Haiti or he should return it to their owners.

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