Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Pick The Target, Personalize It, Freeze It and Polarize It"

The Obama democrats are Saul Alinsky community organizers - for what? For radical change. To change America from a freedom loving people to a nation of sheep led by the "Rules For Radicals" left as the title of Alinksy's book implies. They are currently attacking Paul Ryan's ideas to get America on the road to recovery.

His agenda stymied and his approval numbers sinking, President Obama has realized this year's midterm election is shaping up as a referendum on failed Democratic governance. The new White House plan? Change the discussion, talk about Republicans, and frighten the nation about GOP ideas.

This is the way to read Mr. Obama's sudden re-embrace of his opposition—his unexpected appearance at the House Republican retreat, and his more recent invitation to Republicans to a "bipartisan" health-care summit. And it's the way to understand the recent Democratic targeting, freezing, personalizing and polarizing of Rep. Paul Ryan.

The idea-driven Wisconsin Republican first released his "Roadmap for America's Future" in 2008. The nation can argue about its particulars, but what is inarguable is that Mr. Ryan's plan is a real attempt to solve America's biggest problems, with bold tax, health and entitlement reforms to put the country back on the path to solvency.

At the time, Democrats could barely muster a yawn. So imagine the surprise when, after Mr. Ryan re-released his plan in late January, it became a sudden sensation. Two days later Mr. Obama used his visit to the Republican retreat to thrust it into the national spotlight. The cameras rolling, the president praised Mr. Ryan for putting forward a "serious proposal." He in fact singled out the congressman at least three times. Having done his spotlight bit, Mr. Obama then left it to the rest of the Democratic Party to systematically distort and trash the road map.
Read "Obama's Attack Machine II" by Kimberly Strassel at Wall Street Journal.

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