Monday, February 01, 2010

The US -"They Don't Lead Morally and Politically Anymore" Lech Walesa

From the Gdansk Lenin Shipyards to the city of the Back of the Yards, Lech Walesa, former President of Poland, and preeminent community organizer, attended a fundraiser on Friday, January 29, to endorse Adam Andrzejewski (an gee eff skie) who is one of six Republicans seeking the nomination of his party for Governor of Illinois.

Walesa , who led trade union strikes in Poland in the early 1980s, managed to bring about needed economic and political change for laborers without resorting to violence.

He led the Solidarność or Solidarity, a broad anti-Soviet social movement. Its activities included workers taking to the streets to demand the right to self-govern in a communist country.Eventually, Solidarity claimed victory, and the Polish people elected Walesa as president in 1990.

In a video-taped interview by a group known as, Walesa indicated that the U.S. was heading toward socialism because of two factors:

The issue with the banks; and the government wastes all the money; they build a bureaucracy; just for itself.

He went on to reassure:

"But we will not let you devolve to communism here. " The American Thinker

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