Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jim McDermott and Sylvester Reyes - Shame On You!

There is no end to the craven attitude of the Obama administration - clearly showing us that it has no love or concern for this great nation or the people who inhabit it. Now they want to criminalize the CIA officers who use harsh interrogation techniques. what's next? That we should house the terrorists in a plush hotel and give them breakfast in bed while our soldiers in that Middle East hell-hole have to hold their fire if there is even one civilian among the enemy?

...Thanks to the vigilance of a couple of bloggers and House Republicans — Rep. Peter Hoekstra, in particular — the $50 billion intelligence authorization bill was stripped of a last-minute amendment that would have made criminals of many U.S. intelligence agents.

Specifically, the Democratic amendment sought to impose prison time and huge fines on CIA and other intelligence operatives who treated their captives in a "cruel, inhuman and degrading way."

Sounds very high-minded. But of course, "cruel, inhuman and degrading" are in the eye of the beholder.

Among the transgressions the bill would have outlawed were "exploiting the phobias of the individual," "depriving the individual of necessary food, water, sleep, or medical care," or even "cramped confinement" or "prolonged isolation."

These are so vague as to be meaningless. A lawyered-up terrorist suspect, working through one of Attorney General Eric Holder's lenient civil courts, could have a field day with this new law.

Think about it: Virtually any agent who in the line of duty did anything to anyone — ranging from shaking a suspect to handcuffing someone in an uncomfortable position to even keeping the air conditioner too low during a terrorist's interrogation — could serve hard time for the crime.

And yes, we do mean hard time. The minimum prison sentence under the bill was 15 years. Imagine spending a quarter of your adult life behind bars because you shoved some terrorist dirtbag a bit too hard into a CIA paddy wagon.

The real outrage is that no one even knew this was in the bill. It was slipped in at the last moment by Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott, obviously with the connivance of the Democratic leadership and Intelligence Committee Chairman Sylvester Reyes...
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