Saturday, July 19, 2008


The Largest Power Grab by the EPA - The Carbon Tax or "Fee"

The Environmental Protection Agency is nothing if not power hungry. But they are also lacking in any kind of integrity. They are planning to call the CARBON TAX a fee. What a nice and innocent word. A fee. The Wall Street Journal has a piece called the "Lawnmower Men" in their "Review and Outlook" section describing this power grab and how we will have no say in the matter. The amount of money that they will steal from Americans is mind boggling as they plan to charge a "fee" for use of everything under the sun - boats to planes and lawnmowers to tractors. Anything with an engine. Wrap you head around that one.

Al Gore blew into Washington on Thursday, warning that "our very way of life" is imperiled if the U.S. doesn't end "the carbon age" within 10 years. No one seriously believes such a goal is even remotely plausible. But if you want to know what he and his acolytes think this means in practice, the Environmental Protection Agency has just published the instruction manual. Get ready for the lawnmower inspector near you.

In a huge document released last Friday, the EPA lays out the thousands of carbon controls with which they'd like to shackle the whole economy. Central planning is too artful a term for the EPA's nanomanagement. Thankfully none of it has the force of law -- yet. However, the Bush Administration has done a public service by opening this window on new-wave green thinking like Mr. Gore's, and previewing what Democrats have in mind for next year...

...That's why the global warmists have so much invested in the EPA's final ruling, which will come in the next Administration. Any climate tax involves arguments about costs and benefits; voting to raise energy prices is not conducive to re-election. But if liberals can outsource their policies to the EPA, they can take credit while avoiding any accountability for the huge economic costs they impose.

AMERICA WAKE UP AND LOOK INTO THE FUTURE! IT IS ONE THAT WILL BE RULED BY LITTLE MEN IN WASHINGTON. Is this what our Founding Fathers shed blood and lost treasure for? That we, The People, should be stripped of our wealth for the imaginary evil of carbon dioxide? If ever there was a time to protest and send these bureaucrats back to cower under their rock this is it. Americans Unite to Protect Our Freedoms! (READ WSJ)

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Eric Roston said...

Gore did drop the phrase “the carbon age” into his address — a topic that I have given an enormous amount of thought to. Last week in fact my book of that title, The Carbon Age, came out, the result of four years of reading thousands of journal articles, interviewing hundreds of people, and reading many, many books.

I’m a former reporter for Time magazine. The book emerged from my conclusion that “carbon” — in climate, energy, what to eat (or avoid), aerospace, sporting goods — is the most important word people know the least about. Turns out it's difficult to "believe in" television or radio and not "believe in" global warming, by extension. Feel free to contact me with questions/c.