Saturday, July 12, 2008


One of the most honest and clear thinking people out there in the public eye is Thomas Sowell. Writing for Capitalism Magazine he points out that there is very little deep inspection of Obama's past and I heartily agree. Let's examine this man with a big magnifying glass before we vote him into office and then lament later. It's time for the mask to come off.

Voting is a right but it is also a duty-- a duty not just to show up on election day, but a duty to give serious thought to the alternatives on the table and what those alternatives mean for the future of the nation.

What is becoming ever more painfully apparent is that too many people this year-- whether conservative, liberals or whatever-- are all too willing to judge Barack Obama on the basis of his election-year rhetoric, rather than on the record of what he has advocated and done during the past two decades.

Many are for him for no more serious reasons than his mouth and his complexion. The man has become a Rorschach test for the feelings and hopes, not only of those on the left, but also for some on the right as well.

Here is a man who has consistently aided and abetted people who have openly expressed their contempt for this country, both in words and in such deeds as planting bombs to advance their left-wing agenda

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