Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Sacrifice For Thee - But Not For Me

If your interested in Al Gore's CO2 gases coming out of his mouth go here. At Americans for Prosperity you can view a video of Gore's arrival at an event in Washington where I suppose he was going to bloviate on "global warming". The hypocrisy of this man is astounding (video) watch as he and Tipper step out of their gas guzzling limo - not 1 but 3! No sacrifice for this man!
Also he has the nerve to compare his endeavors to get rid of oil, the engine that has fueled modern civilization's incredible advances and growth - to JFK 's challenge to put a man on the moon. Kennedy wanted us to use fuel to further mankind, Gore want's to take away the fuel of our industries to put us back 500 years! Mr Al Gore - you are no JOHN F. KENNEDY!

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