Thursday, July 03, 2008

We Live In America - Where Everything Good is Possible

I was reading an article in The American, the July/August edition, about how we Americans should perhaps not be as gloomy as we seem to be and to have more faith in "American progress". After all we have "$14 trillion behemoth" of an economy and we're doing actually very well. Here are some of the points the article made:

Since 1982 the US has been in a recession for a total of only 16 months!
Over this period we have doubled output of goods and services and created jobs for an additional 50 million workers!
Many products available only to the rich are now available to everyone - TV, range, cars, air conditioning etc...
25% of poor households own computers and 2 in 5 own their homes!

Read the article. It's amazing how life has gotten better for all Americans and how it's going to get better yet with all the new technology being invented and the amazingly smart people that live and work in our great country. Now if we could just get our politicians to butt out of our lives and let us alone that would really stoke the engines of our creativity!

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