Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Wisdom of Thomas Sowell

I listened to an interview of Thomas Sowell, the noted economist, on and was awed by his ability to see through the quackery that abounds in so much of American politics. The interviewer was asking him questions and to comment on his new book "Economic Facts and Fallacies".

One observation by Mr. Sowell that I particularly liked is his answer to the following sentence, which he could not include in his book:

"No book can cover all the utter nonsense that politicians speak in an election year". Mr Sowell goes on to give an example of one of these utter nonsenses.

"The notion that what we cannot afford in terms of medical care for 300 million Americans we can somehow afford by sending it through the government and paying for a government bureaucracy on top of all the other costs of medical care."

The interviewer asks Mr. Sowell if he still felt pessimistic about the future and he answers more so!

He continues: "Let's start with Obama, Hillary and McCain."

This interview is WELL worth a listen to. (Listen here).

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