Monday, July 06, 2009

Jon Stewart's Shameful Ignorance About The Japanese in WWII

You would think that a satirist such as Jon Stewart would at minimum know history before offering an opinion about Harry Truman and the dropping of the Atom Bombs, dubbed Fat Man and Little Boy, on Japan during World War II. But this is how many Americans, woefully ignorant of history, speak - in generalizations and cliches. Stewart righteously claims that the US should have "dropped the first atomic bomb 15 miles off the shore of Japan as a warning" to the Japanese military. He totally ignores the fanaticism of the Japanese Imperial Army and the Imperial Family. Death and total annihilation of Japan if necessary was their end game in order to defeat the enemy.

Listen to this fascinating presentation by Bill Whittle on Pajamas TV for a history lesson all Americans need and to understand the morality of what we did.

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