Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Trusting Obama On Health Care? Really? Ask Canada

If we don't wake up soon and say NO to nationalized healthcare we'll be headed down Canada's socialized "not enough healthecare for anyone" path. We have to put a stop to this nonsense. You and I know that this Obama care will not work. In fact there's a movement now to reverse Canada's socialized medicine and make it a market based healt care system. Can't we learn from the fools before us that have already tried this idiotic idea of government run medical care? It's all about power, otherwise, it makes no sense.

...In 2007, a Canadian woman gave birth to extremely rare identical quadruplets — Autumn, Brooke, Calissa and Dahlia Jepps. They were born in the United States to Canadian parents because there was again no space available at any Canadian neonatal care unit. All they had was a wing and a prayer.

The Jepps, a nurse and a respiratory technician flew from Calgary, a city of a million people, 325 miles to Benefit Hospital in Great Falls, Mont., a city of 56,000…

A child born in Hong Kong or Japan that lives less than a day is reported as a "miscarriage" and not counted. In Switzerland and other parts of Europe, a baby is not counted as a baby if it is less than 30 centimeters in length.

In 2007, there were at least 40 mothers and their babies who were airlifted from British Columbia alone to the U.S. because Canadian hospitals didn't have room. It's worth noting that since 2000, 42 of the world's 52 surviving babies weighing less than 400g (0.9 pounds) were born in the U.S.

It must be embarrassing to Canada that a G-7 economy and a country of 30 million people can't offer the same level of health care as a town of just over 50,000 in rural Montana. Where will Canada send its preemies and other critical patients when we adopt their health care system? (READ the whole article here)

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Vancouver Real Estate said...

And again, judging a whole system by one case. Apparently, Canada has the worst health care system in the world right now because all these stupid cases that happen all over the world but only Canada's are publicized.

Take care, Jay